Pet Boarding & Dog Grooming Services

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We are a Full Service dog grooming shop and pet boarding kennel.

Rysher Farms is recognized by many locals being one of the area's finest dog grooming and pet boarding facilities. We offer a complete dog washing and grooming service for all breeds, and will give your pet the same tender loving care you do. We bathe, give flea and tick treatments, clip the nails, and clean and trim the ears as necessary. We provide professional cat grooming services also.

All pets get the ultimate spa treatment without the added costs, which includes:

  • Bath with massage, using premium shampoos and conditioners designed for your pets skin and coats needs
  • Fluffy hand dried and brushed
  • De-shedding
  • Ears cleaned
  • Sanitary Trims
  • Hand Scissoring
  • Nail Trims
  • Feet trims (feathering and skirt trims upon request)
  • Bandanas, bows, cologne, and lots of love!

Our dog boarding customers love our long private lane, free from traffic,
where we take the dogs for walks in the woods for nature walks.
Pet Boarding Pricing
(All boarding suites now have private covered patios attached! )

Standard Boarding $25.00 Daily (includes playtime)
Luxury Suites
with private covered patios
$35.00 Daily - 1 dog
$60.00 Daily - 2 dogs
$90.00 Daily - 3 dogs
$30.00 - swim session
More than 3 dogs - call for special pricing
Suite prices include 5 hours per 24 hour period, outside the suite for potty and playtime sessions spread throughout the day, starting at 7am until 10pm - no additional charge.

No additional charge for administering medications

No additional charge for bringing your pets own food.

Photos of our Dog Boarding Suites

Cafe Bisto Dog Boarding Suite

Angie did a beautiful job on these two newest furbaby family members! This was their first time at Rysher Farms grooming spa and they did wonderful! Gus received his very first cool summer do and Norman feels a pound or two lighter now too with his summer cut! To complete their day and end on a positive note, they got to relax in the cafe/bisto while awaiting their ride! They certainly took advantage of it too! We're hoping their mom n dad like their new styles as much as we do and will bring them back for their next salon session! Both were sooo sweet, and REALLY cute I may add!
dog boarding suite cafe bisto2

Cafe Bisto Dog Boarding Suite

Otis n Pebbles were the very 1st vacationers in the cafe/bistro and I think they were more than pleased with the reservations their mom N dad made for them! Pebbles loves posing for the camera but this is the rare time when Otis allowed his pic to b taken....but his face not so happy as his sisters! Lol... Sweet sweet little kids that always hang out at Rysher when mom n dad travel! Looking forward to caring for them again on their next vaca!!!
dog boarding suite 2

Gallerie de Art Dog Boarding Suite

Say hi to Taffy! Shes one of our special seniors that enjoys swimming with us twice a week along with vacationing here on occasion. Today, her Dad treated her to a relaxing spa day....a half hour workout in the hydropool, then a relaxing warm conditioning bath, pedicure, designer perfume, fun bandana, awesome ' cookies', and a couple hours relaxation time in the Gallerie de Art. It was soooo hot outside, we decided to close the doors to their patios n keep the lights dimmed during the afternoon hours which made for perfect napping! This beautiful lady is fastly approaching 16, is as sweet as can be and is so deserving of the pampering her dad allows us to give her!
dog boarding suite cafe bisto2a

Gallerie de Art Dog Boarding Suite

Meet Ricky!! He's enjoying his very first stay in Paris at Rysher Farms! He got to spend his weekend in the Gallerie de Art! Certainly looks like hes lovin his vaca here with us! He is a real sweetheart and we've been told he can come stay with us again!! He finished off his stay with a spa day today, getting a conditioning bath, brushing, and a good pedicure!! Hes spirting his new bandana n is waiting patiently for his momma to come!
dog boarding suite 3

Paris Dress Boutique Dog Boarding Suite

Wow! Can we say cute?? Look at Bella n you just cannot not say that word! Shes vacationing in the Paris Dress Boutique while her people vaca elsewhere! This room was designed specifically with the little kids in mind. Here she is, tied up with cooling her belly on the beautiful porcelian tile! Had to grab my phone cuz just too cute not to share!!
dog boarding suite 4

Vin de Bordeaux Dog Boarding Suite

Meet Chico! Hes been coming to Rysher Farms many many years for his vacations as well as his personal grooming needs! He was only a puppy when we first got to care for him, and now he sports the distinguished older gentleman look! Hes always such a good boy and a pleasure to care for! This weekend he hung out in the Vin de Bordeaux and loved his big room and private patio but we had to tell him no matter how distinguished he looks, hes still too young to sip wine! Eat cheese maybe but no wine!! He just visited Angie and got his 'summer do' so hes only getting a freshen up spa day when his vaca is over! His 'maid' just changed hisbedding so hes checking it out before his afternoon nap!
dog boarding suite Vin De Bordeau 2a

Vin De Bordeaux Dog Boarding Suite

Jade loved her Vin de Bordeaux and completed her vacation with us with a complete makeover spa day and is now awaiting Mom to come! This 12 yr + girl has spent hundreds of days with us over the years and it makes us smile to see her so happy and comfortable while she vacas with us!
dog boarding suite 4

Hotel de le Porte Dog Boarding Suite

This is Finney! The sweetest little girl ever!! Shes being pampered in the Hotel de le Porte, formally the Safari room where shes vacationed for several years! She was certainly a little confused but sure didnt take her long to decide this is NICE n she was so excited about going out on her own personal patio! Our prior suites did not have that luxury and trust me, they are a big hit with all the vacationers!! She's always so happy to come here and after this big trip, I'm sure she'll be even more excited to see us again!
dog boarding suite 4a

Hotel de le Porte Dog Boarding Suite

Camo is another long term vacationer here at Rysher! She always stayed in our Americana/Liberty suite but now totally loved the Hotel de le Porte! The maids had to change her linens several times a day as she loved spending time during the warm afternoons laying on her shaded patio in her private kiddie pool!! Shes always happy to see us as we are her!!
dog boarding suite 4

Fleuriste Suite Dog Boarding Suite

These 2 beagle buddies, Lucy and Riley have also vacationed with us many many times over the years! They used to always stay i our garden room but now indulged in the comforts of the Fleuriste! Rileys very old so hes content to hold down the bed whereas Lucy has energy to burn! She runs in and out the door to their patio like a child! We always enjoy speding time with these two kiddos several times a year!