Dog HydroTherapy & Dog Water Fitness

We have been providing dog swim therapy and dog water fitness play to dogs in the Metro Springfield area since 2008.

Our goal is to improve the health and fitness of dogs through exercise in warm water.

Whether your dog is swimming for rehabilitation, fighting the stages of old age, maintaining fitness or just to have fun, Rysher Farms is here to meet your pet's individual needs.

Dog Water Therapy(Swimming) is an ideal form of dog fitness rehabilitation for dogs recovering from surgery or injury. It is also beneficial to dogs with joint-related problems. Swimming regularly helps to tone muscles, build stamina and improve range of motion. We recommend swimming for dogs because it is a low impact, non-weight bearing workout. Swimming incorporates stretching, aerobics and strength training without the strain experienced on land. The fact is that swimming is relaxing and fun. You will notice a marked improvement in your dog's spirit as well as the therapeutic benefits.

Dog hydrotherapy is a great total body exercise for your dog. Hydrotherapy workouts involve all the muscle groups used in day to day movement with none of the stress of movement on hard surfaces.

Water buoyancy supports almost 90% of your dog?s weight! This allows for pain free movement and a water resistance workout to strengthen and condition your dog as he swims.

Photos of our hydroTherapy facility.
We are Swimming Several Therapy Dogs With Miraculous Results! Therapy Sessions are $30 per session.

Is you aging pet slowing down? Having trouble with stairs? A pet that has had an injury or orthopedic surgery? If so, we can help!Animal massage and canine hydrotherapy can help with these issues and so many more!

A canine hydrotherapy session can benefit your dog. The session is held in our soothing, heated swim spa, where we combine warm water massage with swimming. Each session is tailored to your dog's needs. Hydrotherapy is great for so many issues because the water gets the weight off your dog's joints and lets them move freely in the water.

We also provide animal massage "on land" for dogs and cats either at our spa or in your home, whichever is more convenient for you. You know how much you benefit from massage, and so can your dog or cat!

And we have fun! If your dog loves to swim, doesn't like the water, or has never been in the water, we can work with your dog to make the session an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. The water is maintained between 92 and 94 degrees (warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer) to warm and soothe the dog's muscles.

Our large 12' x 16' swim spa is at ground level, surrounded by non-slip surfaces, to allow easy access for older or injured pets. Our facility is designed so you can relax in the spa while your dog swims if you choose to.
Rysher Farms is a Dog Water fitness and Canine rehabilitation facility located in Pleasant Plains, Illinois, Sprinfield, Illinois and surrounding areas.
Your dog will enjoy their swimming sessions in our heated hyrdotherapy rehabilitation facility..